Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

A few days ago (15.06.15) the Microsoft Conference at the E3 2015 took place. After several years without paying much attention to it, this year Microsoft managed to leave me hyped: FREE backward compatibility with 360 games, “early access” games, the incredible Fallout 4… and news about Gears of War.

Not only did they show a first teaser trailer of Gears 4 and a remastered version of the original Gears, but they also revealed that the public beta (until the game’s arrival in august) would be available for at least a week… from yesterday!

After hearing the good news, y went straight for the beta’s download. Now, after a few matches, I bring you a fresh gameplay (in Spanish) from a match in the beta, in which The Coalition, the game’s new developing studio (especially created in order to work exclusively in Gears games), shows how the matches in this remaster will be. Sorry for the video’s quality, I had to improvise since for some reason my Xbox One didn’t allow me using Game DVR, and since I don’t have (not yet) a video capturer.

Below, the video:

I leave you now with the exact information I talk about in the video, directly taken from, about the news in this review of the original game:

  • Remastered for Dolby 7.1 Surround
  • 90 mins of new campaign content from the original PC game
  • New Xbox Live achievements (1,250 Gamerscore)
  • Concept art gallery and unlockable comics
  • Modernized Multiplayer featuring:
    • 60 frames per second
    • Dedicated servers
    • Skill-based matchmaking
    • New game types – Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill (Gears of War 3 style), and new 2v2 Gnasher Execution
  • Total of 19 maps, including all DLC and PC-exclusive maps
  • 17 unlockable Gears of War 3 characters for Multiplayer progression
  • More Match customization including Actives, Respawn Time, Self-revive and Weapon Respawn
  • Modernized gameplay with smoother movement and updated controls:
    • Alternate Controls and all new Tournament Controls
    • All controls tuned for Xbox One
    • Adding the Gears of War 3 features you love: Enemy Spotting, Multiplayer Tac-Com, Improved sensitivity customization

I hope you enjoyed the video. Pay attention to this post, since I’ll be updating it in the next few days with more captures, gameplay and other info.

UPDATE 18.06.2015

Thanks to my new video capturer, I finally have access to HD gameplay recording. I leave you now with a few more matches I played this evening, Team DeathMatch in Canals and Gridlock. Apparently I still remember well how to battle!

Team DeathMatch in Gridlock

EDIT: For some reason, the match in Gridlock was not uploaded in HD, but you should still give it a go since it was a really nice match! 😀

Update: 19.06.2015

Team DeathMatch in Courtyard

Match in War Machine